Technology and the future of school kids education.

I have been reading many articles on the link between practical skills and technology skills. One website had a massive 80 % of students quoting the need for more practical life skill subjects in school rather than history and science. This lady who has a blog at discusses the top 10 new jobs created by Forbes magazine that didn’t exist 10 years ago, surprisingly most of them are IT based. We still have to incorporate life skills in our teaching methods as leadership and teamwork are still the highest skills employers are looking for. 


Week 2 – Reflection

I was amazed at how naturally I felt right at home with the students and my mentor teacher during the second week. I actually didn’t want to leave, I enjoyed it that much. It was a lot different to my last prac and I think the students had a lot to do with that. They were all so respectful and kind and hard working. It actually restored my faith in young adults. 

I definitely learnt a lot and I found that doing the subject EDX4150 Transitions in Secondary Education at the same time as this unit blended really well together. We learnt a lot about set plans, transitions and pathways and employability skills for Senior Secondary students. I was lucky to be able to use the knowledge I learnt in that subject to incorporate with this subject. 


2012 K12 Horizon Report

Very interesting read of collaborative research into schooling and ICT use. I actually was a little naive before my prac and thought that the students would be still more focused on writing and using a pen!! How wrong was I, it actually scares me to think that the future of our children s education is so heavily based on ICT use and I wonder by the time my little girls enter high school what will they be using then!

Connect-ed Part 3

I tried many times to post a comment on the connect-ed site. I had my own IPAD at my prac as I wasn’t given a computer to utilise while I was there. I don’t know why it didn’t work but I tried 2 times and actually wrote a few paragraphs on my thoughts on Connect-ed but both times they didn’t publish. 

I am trying for round 3, I found the site interesting, I believe that current high school students would find it boring and I think it would suit my own young children more. I wandered around the school on prac and found many signs in the classrooms and notice boards about cyber bullying and about posting photos on social media. They were done up by the school and read very well and I felt they were clear and easy for students to understand. I’m sure each school has its own policy, I was given a book to read when I first started there, but not given any other means of induction into ICT use.


Forgot to use technology!!!!

When it comes to teaching a class as I did in period 2 this morning, utilising the whiteboard through class discussion and adding a purely written task for them to use (even though 2 did not bring a pen to class), I thought this was an easy lesson for the students to use their creative minds! Needless to say I had to try to motivate them with ideas to get an answer put down on their task sheets. We got it done, but I could have done it differently! My mentor commented after class with feedback on how I should have got the students to use their IPADS to Google some answers. Never thought about that and wondered how different the outcomes would have been. 

How much is too much ICT?…..

The end of a full week at a high school and i am beginning to realise how much technology has been influenced into today’s generation of students. This school is an Apple school and each student has their own IPAD, great you may think but when they don’t remember to bring a pen and paper to class then you have wonder what will happen to their literacy skills???

Also the amount of times you have to ask them to put their IPAD down to listen……..

How much is too much?